Thursday, November 1, 2012

Julep Maven November Boho Glam Box

Today I received what could potentially be my last free Julep box. Thank you all soooo much for the referrals the past few months!! Right now I have a few pending Jules, but am not sure if they will be usable by the December box? ::Fingers crossed:: Anyways, after calling customer service- which was luckily friendly and super helpful, I was able to order the Boho Glam November box using my Jules- reward points from referring people to the program.

I went with Boho Glam instead of my original American Beauty profile because I really liked the golden Amber colored featured, and was much more interested in the purple Nora than the silverish Brita which comes in the American Beauty box. This month Julep featured suede polishes which have a matte finish when no top coat is applied. I had never tried such a thing, so was anxious to give them a go when I found my box to have arrived today :)

 I thought the box was SO pretty this month :) The little crinkles of paper were different than normal, and the box included a pamphlet of available gift sets you can buy online as presents for Christmas. I was really excited to see three travel nail polish removers included!! I always get chips in my nail polish when I am visiting my boyfriend (well actually he is now my FIANCEE!!!!! I was proposed to on Friday, and said yes of course since he is the love of my life- I am SO happy right now) and need to get my polish off asap as I am ocd about that. These should come in handy!!
The first picture I took of my ring!!!!!! :) I hope you can see it alright. Haha I had Halloween decals on my nails when it happened!

The polishes in the Boho Glam box were:

Amber: Golden Bronze Suede
Nora: Silver Aubergine Suede
The box also included a body lotion called Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting. It smells amazing and looks just like pink birthday cake frosting! The label says it is shea butter infused moisturizer with aloe vera and vitamin e. 

Both the nail polishes and the lotion apply nicely :) The suedes gave full coverage in one coat and dry almost instantly which I love. I am so intrigued by the texture and matte look of their finish- I haven ever seen anything like it! I put a top coat on my ring finger and the sparkle is so pretty- goes with my sparkling ring!! :) :) :) I wish the pictures below did them justice- it is sooo hard to see the finish in them, I am sorry!! The lotion's smell couldn't be better, and has thick lovely texture. I was happy it rubbed in completely instead of leaving a greasy oil residue like most lotions tend to as well.

Good thing I am on a no buy or the other matte polishes would totally at least be in my cart right now! Julep promises some great polishes for the month of December, and a few are available at reduced prices in gift sets right now at their newly revamped site. The gift sets come pre wrapped in cute little boxes with ribbons and tags. If you are interested in these products, or trying out this service for a PENNY, you can go to : take a short quiz to figure out your style (which polishes you will receive) and then at checkout enter promo code COLOR2012. 

Any other Mavens out there get the suedes this month?? What do you think? Until next time, thanks so much for reading!!