Thursday, November 1, 2012

Julep Maven November Boho Glam Box

Today I received what could potentially be my last free Julep box. Thank you all soooo much for the referrals the past few months!! Right now I have a few pending Jules, but am not sure if they will be usable by the December box? ::Fingers crossed:: Anyways, after calling customer service- which was luckily friendly and super helpful, I was able to order the Boho Glam November box using my Jules- reward points from referring people to the program.

I went with Boho Glam instead of my original American Beauty profile because I really liked the golden Amber colored featured, and was much more interested in the purple Nora than the silverish Brita which comes in the American Beauty box. This month Julep featured suede polishes which have a matte finish when no top coat is applied. I had never tried such a thing, so was anxious to give them a go when I found my box to have arrived today :)

 I thought the box was SO pretty this month :) The little crinkles of paper were different than normal, and the box included a pamphlet of available gift sets you can buy online as presents for Christmas. I was really excited to see three travel nail polish removers included!! I always get chips in my nail polish when I am visiting my boyfriend (well actually he is now my FIANCEE!!!!! I was proposed to on Friday, and said yes of course since he is the love of my life- I am SO happy right now) and need to get my polish off asap as I am ocd about that. These should come in handy!!
The first picture I took of my ring!!!!!! :) I hope you can see it alright. Haha I had Halloween decals on my nails when it happened!

The polishes in the Boho Glam box were:

Amber: Golden Bronze Suede
Nora: Silver Aubergine Suede
The box also included a body lotion called Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting. It smells amazing and looks just like pink birthday cake frosting! The label says it is shea butter infused moisturizer with aloe vera and vitamin e. 

Both the nail polishes and the lotion apply nicely :) The suedes gave full coverage in one coat and dry almost instantly which I love. I am so intrigued by the texture and matte look of their finish- I haven ever seen anything like it! I put a top coat on my ring finger and the sparkle is so pretty- goes with my sparkling ring!! :) :) :) I wish the pictures below did them justice- it is sooo hard to see the finish in them, I am sorry!! The lotion's smell couldn't be better, and has thick lovely texture. I was happy it rubbed in completely instead of leaving a greasy oil residue like most lotions tend to as well.

Good thing I am on a no buy or the other matte polishes would totally at least be in my cart right now! Julep promises some great polishes for the month of December, and a few are available at reduced prices in gift sets right now at their newly revamped site. The gift sets come pre wrapped in cute little boxes with ribbons and tags. If you are interested in these products, or trying out this service for a PENNY, you can go to : take a short quiz to figure out your style (which polishes you will receive) and then at checkout enter promo code COLOR2012. 

Any other Mavens out there get the suedes this month?? What do you think? Until next time, thanks so much for reading!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox 2012

I am SO very excited today as my first Voxbox from Influenster came in the mail!! As mentioned in my previous post Influenster is a website where you can sign up to be sent sample boxes for free! All you do is fill out some surveys, and hope to qualify for one of the boxes they send out. I qualified for the Beauty Blogger Voxbox and am thrilled. It really is amazing that a company would send me all these things for free. Now that I got the box I just have to tell them I received it on my account, and give feedback on the products via a survey they should have up soon. Easy as pie!

Look what was in my box!!!! :

As you can see the box was jam packet with free "samples". Most of these products are full size which is just so crazy awesome!! Inside the box was a card similar to that in Birchbox which listed all the products included, a description of them, and the price of the full sized product.

Here is a list of the goods:

  • NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact: $4.99
This gorgeous eyeshadow compact came with a primer, illuminator, and four colors- two crease shadows, and all over lid shadow and a highlighter shadow. The little card says they are specifically coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color. Hmm, the package does not say what color eyes this set is for, but the colors are dark to light grey- black. They look very pretty and slightly shimmery. I am excited to try them out especially with the primer! I haven't tried a primer before, and usually do not use eyeshadow so this is an excuse to experiment :) The box also says this is a limited edition product.

  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit: $5.99
I have never tried out fake eyelashes before, and am hesitant, yet kind of excited to try these. The kit includes a pair of fake lashes, latex free glue, and an applicator.  It says they last up to 24 hours so I suppose I will have to put them to the test soon!
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candles: $3.50/ Coupon for a 3 Wick Candle for $10
The candle I received is called Black Pepper Bergamot. I have no idea how to pronounce Bergamot, and had no clue what it was so I looked it up. Apparently it is some kind of orange? I am just going off goggle info for that though so I could be wrong. Anyways it smells decent. I love, love, love the most recent candle I purchased from Bath and Body Works which is the Pumpkin Cupcake candle. I am interested to try this one out. The coupon was for sure a nice extra touch as well!

  • EBOOST- $28 for a box of 20 powders, $39 for a box of 30, and $39 for a box of 12 shots
Apparently this powder is supposed to boost your mood, focus and immunity. I got mine in an orange flavor. I wonder how it taste, and if it really works?? Interestinggg.

  •  Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: $7.29
I am not sure if I will be able to figure out how to use these little guys haha. They are spiral bobby pins you are supposed to spin into an updo to hold it. I put them in before I started this post and so far so good with the simple bun I did. A few pieces of hair are slipping out so I curious as to whether these will hold my thick hair. I will keep you posted- no pun intended!


  • Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream: $6.00
My friend recently bought shampoo and conditioner from this brand while we were at Ulta so I am familiar with it, but have never used it out. I tend to get frizzy hair- I think from the damage I have created with my straightener, so I am excited to use this out. It has a strong coconut scent even with the wrapper on so maybe it will make my hair smell nice as well as hopefully fighting frizz?

So, overall this is an amazing box, and even more incredible because it was free!! Please let me know if you would like to sign up for Influenster- I have a few invites left. I would also love any comments about Voxboxes you have received/ if you got this one, as well as what you think of these products!! I will update this post once I have a chance to try out my new things :) so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Influenster/ Voxbox

Hello everyone :) I am very excited for my mini post today! In a couple days I hope to do a better review of a website I first saw mentioned in a Youtube video quite a few months ago. Influenster is a site both men and women can use to look up new products out there on the market and then give their feedback. You can even ask other consumers of the products questions you may have.  What drew me in to Influenster though was the mention of FREE stuff!! (Here is the link)

That is right FREE STUFF! I signed up for an account thinking it must be too good to be true. I figured the girl on Youtube was lucky enough to get a Voxbox- more on this in a bit- because she did so many videos and the company wanted her to spread the word so they could get more business. I have since found out this really is not a scam- it is an amazing way to try new things and get your opinions out about products as well! Last week my friend who signed up at the same time as me got an e-mail saying she had qualified for the Bride-To-Be Voxbox and should be expecting it in the mail soon!

Now, what is a Voxbox you ask? A Voxbox is a box shipped to your house with lots of various products in it that you get to keep for free!! On the Influenster site there are many surveys you can take once you sign up for an account. You can earn badges by taking the surveys, and then Influenster will keep track of your answers on there and let you know if you qualify for one of their upcoming Voxboxes. There are surveys on there for everyone from people who are all about living a healthy lifestyle, moms, men, dog and cat lovers to college students, and travelers. You are sure to find something on there that applies to you in some way!

Here is a picture of what my friend received from the Influenster Facebook Page
From what I can tell there is at least one Voxbox every season, but Influenster seems to be sending out more now then they were in the beginning. My friend received a box with products such as shampoo, conditioner, fake eyelashes and beauty water in it for free! On the site there is not even a single spot for you to put your credit card information, and therefore no way for you to be charged :) All she has to do in return is fill out reviews on the products she received after trying them out!

I have even better news for you too! Influenster just re-did their entire website! I found the website hard to figure out when I first signed up, but now I really understand the "company" (I am not sure if that is what they would be called?), due to their new set up. It is much easier to figure out what you should do to move yourself closer to being chosen for a Voxbox. Influenster gives you a score based on how many surveys you have done, you influence through Youtube, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter as well as product reviews. The more points you have the better!!

I am thrilled, because just the other day I found out a Beauty Blogger Voxbox is on it's way to me!! All I had to do was follow the simple task directions on my account page, and now I have surprise products being sent to me. I cannot wait to receive them and share with you what I got in a post soon!

I will have more details about this service once my first Voxbox comes, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I believe they just changed the website to being by invitation only. I have four invitations left if any of you are interested so please let me know!! So many of you out there influence others in positive ways through social media, and I think this is a great way to be rewarded for all that you do! I will be sure to let you know when my Voxbox is here :) Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 Julep Maven

Whew, it has been quite some time since I have been on here! I am so happy that I heard from some of my readers asking when I would be doing the next post (it always shocks me to find I actually have readers ;) ). I truly appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to even scroll through the pictures on here, and apologize it has been so long. Summer was the perfect time for me to post as I am a teacher, and now that school is back in full swing grading papers and lesson planning are I use my computer for all day everyday it seems.

Anyways, today both my October Julep Maven box, and add-ons came in the mail! This month Julep went hardcore on the Halloween theme, and the polishes were labeled as simply bewitching. I was really torn as to which style to go with as the featured polishes this month were crackles. I have only had one experience with crackles in the past- my sisters bought a bottle and let me try it out- I thought the effect was really cool, but not something I could see myself wearing too often, and sadly the whole bottle dried up in less than a month. I was debating with a friend which box to go for since I had a free monthly referral left - THANK YOU!!! Then, just when I thought I had my mind made up Julep decided to be even more awesome and come out with a Maven's Choice box featuring zero crackles!  The same day I also found a black OPI crackle at Ulta for $3- yipee!! :) Now I can still do the orange with black crackle on top mani I was planning for my kiddos Halloween party, and get a Maven box with colors I will use on a much more regular basis! Oh happy day!

The Maven's Choice box included:

Maven's Choice

  • Eloise- Smokey indigo blue crème
  • Lisa-  Warm pebble grey crème
  • Keira-  Deep merlot red crème

I had my eye on the blue (of course) and the reddish Keira so I was quite happy with this box minus the fact that it did not come with the monthly product of quick dry drops, so naturally I had to add those on. . .and Leslie since I have been wanting a black, and don't forget Caroline the lovely shimmery red that reminds me of the song Sweet Caroline and takes me back to college hockey/ football games ;)

Here is what my Maven's Choice box looked like:

 Julep threw in two glitter pots- an orange, and black as well as candy corns!! Have I mentioned I LOVE Fall? It is the very best season, and I adore everything associated with it so cannot wait to eat up these candy corns haha. I like my Maven's Choice colors (Lisa is for sure more gray than it shows up in this picture- I apologize that I still do not have batteries for my good camera so used my phone).

I am most excited about my add-ons however :) 


  • Leslie- Black and silver specked shimmer
  • Caroline-  Darkest burgundy shimmer
  •  Quick Dry Drops

I felt the need to paint my nails with these right away. They are gorgeous in the bottle, and I wish you could see them better in my picture!! Both really shine, and Caroline does look, well, bewitching. 

Both polishes applied quite nicely and gave full coverage in one coat :) The shimmer in Leslie is very faint, but you can really see a silver shine as the light catches it. Caroline has more silver shimmer, but keeps the rich burgundy color you see in the bottle as well. I thought Leslie would be my favorite, but Caroline has trumped her. The quick dry polish drops were fun to use, and spread out nicely on my finger nail. I just had to put one small drop near the cuticle. My polish dried right away as promised. The smell reminds me of a bathroom cleaner scent, so is not so great, but it is also not turbo strong or nasty either. I can deal with it much more than the scent of my recent fast drying top coat from Julep.

Leslie, Caroline, Leslie
Here are my finished nails. Again, I apologize for the jankity picture taken on my phone!! You can see though that both colors are quite dark. My accent nail doesn't really pop like normal, but I like the suttle look. I can see myself using both of these colors frequently :) I am so happy they only take one coat per nail and will last me longer!

What did you think of Julep this month?? Did you get a box, and if so which style? I would love to hear from you below and also see what you do with your October colors!!

If you would like to try out Julep for a penny the offer is still on! Just go to and enter promo code COLOR2012 at checkout. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Supergoop Review


Talk about SUPER!! Recently I e-mailed the company Supergoop to see if they sent out samples. I had heard about the creatively named company via Birchbox, but sadly had never been the lucky recipient of their monthly samples. Skin care has always been important to me ever since I was little. My mom did an amazing job stressing the importance of ALWAYS wearing sunscreen to me and my siblings from a extremely young age. I have never been to a tanning bed, and like to tell people it is because I am anti-cancer, which is true. When I saw a company focused fully around protecting skin I was immediately intrigued.

Back in the day when I was working at a summer camp getting a great tan, minus the tan lines from socks haha, was no problem for me. Although I have always worn sunscreen, I was blessed with a golden complexion, and would tan right through it. The only time I can remember getting burnt was when my group of friends fell asleep on the top deck of a boat when we went to Mexico on a school trip. Sadly my days of easy tanning seem to be behind me as I am rarely out in the sun anymore. I highly dislike wearing shorts as well so my legs are becoming more Casper the ghost pale with each passing season. 
Supergoop Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse on the right
When I first inquired about Supergoop I figured they just had sunscreen type products, but I was pleasantly surprised when Supergoop Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse showed up on my doorstep!! I had to give this a try straight away especially on my legs! Upon researching the product I found that not only is it a two in one self tanner/ SPF 20, but it also includes antioxidants which are great for your skin, and is towel and clothing safe. I have tried many other self tanners, and have always had to be so careful about washing my hands right  away after application so they wouldn't turn orange, and allowing it to dry thoroughly before getting dressed. With this product I didn't have to worry about rushing to the sink or postponing getting ready for 10 extra minutes which was the first of many great qualities about it.

Although the product says it is a mousse I would describe it as a rich tinted lotion.  Application was easy as the lotion went on smoothly and evenly without extra effort. A little went a long way, and it didn't leave me with a greasy feeling or take forever to rub in completely. I was also pleased by the refreshing smell of the product. It does have a slight beachy, sunscreen type odor, but compared to other self tanners it is very mild and covered almost completely by other scents of green tea and cucumber. I have been using the tanner for a few weeks now and it has not turned me orange :) I am always weary of turning into an oompa- loompa when using self tanners!! The effect so far has been gradual as the name of the product suggests, but I can see a difference. I have to say I am loving this product! It is giving me the tan look I long for, and provides protection from the sun all in one. I would highly recommend you trying it out!

The product I was sent is a very generous size so I am still using it, and will be sure to post an after picture when I am out. Here is the before (sorry for posting my leg, this is daring for me as I am not a huge fan of them) and in the middle of use pictures :

Before starting to use the product
After about a week of use

I apologize the pictures are facing different ways, but hope you can see some difference between them as I can in person! :)

The second product I was so graciously sent is adorable, and so handy. It is called Supergoop SPF 30 Sunstick.  What a great idea!! This little gem can easily be thrown in my purse for on the go, and gives great protection. There is good amount of product included in the sturdy packaging as well, and the user simply turns the yellow knob at the bottom when they are in need of more. No messy liquid to apply either with the sunstick so you do not have to worry about it leaking in your bag.  I have found myself reaching for this little guy many times since receiving it. I quite enjoy not having to remember to bring the bulky container of sunscreen that weighs done my purse every time I think I might be outside. The sunscreen applies well without the greasy residue most leave behind or the overwhelming scent. A must have for busy individuals frequently on the go, or with children!!

Overall, I have to give Supergoop an A+ rating. Their products are are creative, time and money saving. So far they have also proven to be highly effective giving the exact results they claim to be able to give users :) Have to love that! I truly cannot thank Supergoop enough for allowing me to test out these products!!! It is amazing to be sent full size products to test. I am extremely grateful and I will surely be purchasing more! These are only two of the many products this innovative brand carries so be sure to check out these and others at I hope you enjoy them as much as me! Please let me know if you have used anything from Supergoop before. I love hearing from you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Julep September 2012 Surprises

So, this month of Julep is crazy!! I was lucky enough to win a golden box a few days ago via the Julep Nail Parlor Facebook page, AND found the September box previews early! The official previews came out today on their site/ blog and in e-mails to Mavens. Thankfully they are the same as the leaked previews I found early and wrote about in my previous post!

Julep told me upon winning my golden box I would still need to specify a style to them, as they were doing something different with golden boxes for the month of September and they are to be style specific. Very, very sneaky Julep ;) Today on my account I saw this:
Normally this would be a golden box as it is all the products for the month of September. This month however you can get your regular monthly box for the standard $19.99 and purchase the whole collection for an extra $30- so essentially buy yourself the old version of the golden box.

Somewhat sadly, the golden box this month will only have five polishes in it. From this small picture I believe it will be the five polishes featured on the Trina Turk site- Otte, Delauney, Hoch, Alma, and Gunta. It will also have a special surprise in it though! It says the box is a $108 value which means the surprise is worth $38!  Knowing Julep the surprise will probably rock. I am assuming it is a different surprise for each style profile, or they wouldn't have had me pick a style?

Since the golden box won't have the mascara that made me the lucky winner of a golden box (I guessed first on the Julep FB page that mascara would be the new product for Sept), and I have a free credit for the month of September- THANK YOU for using my referral link to sign up-, I decided to to switch from my regular American Beauty style:

I think Hoch is coming in the golden box (fingers crossed as I LOVE it, and I don't need another white- I recently got Kate)
 To the Boho Glam box since I want to try the mascara, and really want Popova!! Blue is my very favorite color so I am not sad to be getting two Guntas this month, and I had to have the mascara! I have never tried brown so I hope it will look good with my green eyes, brown hair, and dark eyelashes??

 I am very curious to see what the surprise bonus is for the Boho Glam box as with all the styles, and hope I chose a good style!! What do you think about the option to buy the whole collection this month? Do you like the smaller golden boxes? What are you getting?? I would love to hear your thoughts below :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spoiler Alert!! Julep September 2012 Boxes

Whoa!! I am not sure how this happened?!? A couple weeks ago I saw a picture on Jane Park's (creator of Julep Maven) Facebook page. She was wearing a new Julep color featured on the Trina Turk website called Otte. I commented asking if Mavens (subscribers to Julep Maven) would see these colors in their boxes soon. She said yes we would!!

Just now I went on Google to see if anyone had put up swatches of these Trina Turk colors, and found the box previews for the month of September that usually do not come out until the 20th! Looks like September will feature the Trina Turk collection if these pictures are correct, plus more colors and brown and black mascara as the products!

Today I won a Golden Box via the Julep Nail Parlor Facebook page! I was told that Golden Boxes were based on the style of box you chose this month- that they are doing something different. Hmm. I wonder what that means?? I guess I will find out on Monday when I talk to the lady from Julep again about which style I would like :) I hope I get all these colors/ mascaras shown below!! I am extremely excited!!

So here we go, if these are correct that would be awesome! Like I said I cannot guarantee it until the official previews come out the 20th:

American Beauty is the style profile I got on my quiz when I signed up for Julep. 


What do you think of these boxes? Do you think they are too good to be true, or really the ones we will see for September?

Samples & Freebies!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to so a short little preview of some of the samples/ freebies/ giveaway products I have been ever so lucky enough to receive or win recently. I have tried a few of these, just received some, and am waiting on others. So, bottom line, you should see posts reviewing each one shortly. I want to make sure I really give them a good chance before putting up my two cents worth on here :) 

The first sample I recently found in the mail is Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner. It is made to help you keep your hair haha. Seriously though, I think it is absolutely gross when I get finished doing my hair and see all the strands on the sink ugh. The Fall Fight duo is designed to prevent unwanted shedding. I have tried this once, and it smells terrific, and left my hair looking nice. I will use the rest and let you know what I think! I doubt I will be able to to tell if it really works in the sample size, but it was great to get in the mail!

Suki Skincare was beyond nice enough to send me out some makeup and skin care samples!! I recently purchased their travel sized Balancing Kit off of the Birchbox site as well so will be doing a full length review on the products soon. So far, sooo good!!

In the mail a few weeks ago I also found a Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I knew you are supposed to use this product instead of Shampoo, but looked up the infomercial for more details. They want you to use 20 pumps of this stuff per side of your head! Whoa! I find that crazy, but what do I know? I tried it once using about half of this bottle. I loved its smell, and de-tangling powers! It left my hair looking great, but only for a few hours. Then it started to feel yucky, and greasy. I rinsed it out like crazy so was surprised to feel a build up on my scalp. Not sure if I used enough product I guess, but I thought using the whole bottle in one wash seemed like a huge waste?

Jilladair Flawless Complexion Gel primer is a product I should have coming in the mail soon! I was lucky enough to win it off of Your Beauty Junkie's blog!! She has a wonderful video tutorial using this product as well as others. I sure hope my skin comes out looking as amazing as hers. I will keep you posted (literally ;) ). The makeup is not only supposed to hide your complexion flaws, but is good for your skin and can be used with or without foundation as it provides that much coverage. I am stoked to find out how it works on me!!

After hearing tons of Birchbox subscribers rant about Melvita's Rose Water Floral Water spray, I emailed Melvita USA about their products. Although they were out of Rose Water samples they sent me these three samples in the mail! I am yet to try them, but have the Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water Moisturizer, Serum Balancing Fluid Moisturizer, and a Purifying Clay Mask. I have big plans for the mask tonight. I will let you know!

I almost forgot! I won these Croc Leather Capri Sandals via another amazing blogger- Stylish Housewife She hosted a twitter party along with Crocs. I somehow was one of the lucky winners they chose based on joining in the conversation! These came in the mail about a week later. They are comfy, and I actually quite like them. I used to despise the what I find to be ugly clog like Crocs people would wear, but now the company has some cute shoes on their site. I chose these because I love flip flops, they have a little heel to help with my height challenge, and the leather strap is really nice. I am all about being comfy as well. $40 shoes for free! Got to love it :) Thanks!!

 Today upon checking the mail I was pleasently surprised to find samples from Supergoop! I also recently aqcuired about their products via e-mail, and a very kind representative checked out my blog (YAY!!!) then sent me these. The package included Self Tanning Mousse which has SPF 20 in it, and a SPF 30 Sunstick! I am highly against tanning beds, and well cancer in general, so having the proper SPF on has been a concern of mine since I was little. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful mom who among countless other things, made sure I knew the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. I am getting on the pale side in a big bad way lately though, as I don't get outside as much as I used to :( I am very excited to give this sunless tanner a try, and review it for you! What amazing "samples" too. A value of $36 dollars! Wow, thank you Supergoop!!!!

Last, but certainly not least I have to tell you about what I won today!!! Those of you who have read my blog/ know me, know about my new obsession with Julep Maven! Today on their facebook page they had us guess what product they will be sending members in their September boxes. The first one to guess correctly would win a golden box for the month of September. Normally you have to chose one monthly box containing either 3 polishes, or 2 polishes and a product. Golden boxes have all the products from all five of the boxes- so usually 10 polishes and four products! Anyways, I WON!!!!!

I guessed the product would be mascara, and I was right :) On the 20th members get to see the new polish colors. I cannot wait to see what I will get, but am beyond thrilled! Mascara/ eyeliner are my favorite beauty products as well so this is a super added bonus. If you have any questions about Julep let me know, or check out my other posts! You can try it for a penny here using promo code COLOR2012 at checkout :).

I cannot believe my luck lately at all!! I am so thankful to all the companies and bloggers who have sent me samples, and hosted giveaways! It is safe to say I am addicted to receiving samples, and mail!! I would love to know if you have any of these products/ have tried them before? What did you think? Look for my reviews on them soon!! Thanks for reading :)

My August 2012 Birchbox

Whew,  I have been slacking on the posts lately!! There are a couple more weeks before school starts up again, and that is where my mind is right now. I will try to keep doing posts throughout the school year! Recently I have received quite a few samples/ won a couple giveaways!! I plan on trying out my new products and letting you know how I fancy them. If I get to it there might even be a couple today...yes, I am that behind sorry!!

Anywho (oh, that reminds me of stick stickly- anyone know what I mean ;) ) I got my August Birchbox! I actually received this bright yellow Back to School Beauty on the 13th. Many of the boxes seemed to go out extra early this month, so there were about a billion reviews up before mine came, and the BB website let me know what I was getting. Talk about mixed feelings over the products this month. Each video or blog I read showcased a subscriber who either loved their box like crazy, or had the exact opposite feelings.

Here is what came in my box:

  •  A Beauty School Booklet with beauty tips/ the products listed
  • Schick Hydro Silk Razor plus coupons for $4 off another razor/ refill, and one for .55cents off any Skintimate Shave Gel
  • Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Oscar Fish
  • Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume sample
  • Yu Be Moisturizing Skin Cream for dry skin and lips
  • Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint Hand Soap 
So, here is what I think- eh oh this month's box. To start off razors are expensive, so even though most people seemed to hate getting a razor this month I welcomed it!

 I also was SO excited to see I was getting the Stila eyeliner. It is not only full size, but my favorite beauty products are eyeliner and mascara! I have been so envious of the ladies with the Eyeko London Fat Stick eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner in their boxes the last couple of months. This is not only my first eye product in a Birchbox, but my first Stila one :) It is in a brown sparkly color, and I always wear black. I have green eyes so brown will work for me (thank goodness I didn't get the blue one) and I was looking forward to trying something new. Unfortunately mine is broken! I tried to twist the tube and the product will not go up or down. I sent out an e-mail and am waiting to hear from Birchbox about it. I did hear from them about my suggestion to allow more choices on our profiles such as saying we love eye products, and they sent me a very nice e-mail including the information that they are working on this feature!!

The Viva La Juicy Perfume smells great, and is in a spray bottle instead of the little tube so that was a welcome sample :) The full sized cost $70 bucks so it is nice to be able to try a product I cannot afford haha.

The Yu Be Moisturizing Skin Cream is interesting as you can use it on lips and feet- okay, that is kind of weird actually haha. I think I will stick to one or the other especially since it is tiny. Only point one fluid ounce which is barely anything :(

I have no idea what Palmarosa is but it smells pretty nice, and upon looking it up I found out it is a sort of grass? As far as soap samples go I am not too over the moon about them or anything haha. It would be a nice extra maybe, but was counted as an actual sample this time.

My third Birchbox was alright, but I think I may have been spoiled in the previous two months? This month had a lot less samples overall. I think the broken eyeliner really brought me down too. I think I will see how next month goes, and then either keep going with the subscription or give it a break for a while. What do you think of my box? Did you get one? Let me know below please lovelies :)