Sunday, September 9, 2012

Supergoop Review


Talk about SUPER!! Recently I e-mailed the company Supergoop to see if they sent out samples. I had heard about the creatively named company via Birchbox, but sadly had never been the lucky recipient of their monthly samples. Skin care has always been important to me ever since I was little. My mom did an amazing job stressing the importance of ALWAYS wearing sunscreen to me and my siblings from a extremely young age. I have never been to a tanning bed, and like to tell people it is because I am anti-cancer, which is true. When I saw a company focused fully around protecting skin I was immediately intrigued.

Back in the day when I was working at a summer camp getting a great tan, minus the tan lines from socks haha, was no problem for me. Although I have always worn sunscreen, I was blessed with a golden complexion, and would tan right through it. The only time I can remember getting burnt was when my group of friends fell asleep on the top deck of a boat when we went to Mexico on a school trip. Sadly my days of easy tanning seem to be behind me as I am rarely out in the sun anymore. I highly dislike wearing shorts as well so my legs are becoming more Casper the ghost pale with each passing season. 
Supergoop Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse on the right
When I first inquired about Supergoop I figured they just had sunscreen type products, but I was pleasantly surprised when Supergoop Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse showed up on my doorstep!! I had to give this a try straight away especially on my legs! Upon researching the product I found that not only is it a two in one self tanner/ SPF 20, but it also includes antioxidants which are great for your skin, and is towel and clothing safe. I have tried many other self tanners, and have always had to be so careful about washing my hands right  away after application so they wouldn't turn orange, and allowing it to dry thoroughly before getting dressed. With this product I didn't have to worry about rushing to the sink or postponing getting ready for 10 extra minutes which was the first of many great qualities about it.

Although the product says it is a mousse I would describe it as a rich tinted lotion.  Application was easy as the lotion went on smoothly and evenly without extra effort. A little went a long way, and it didn't leave me with a greasy feeling or take forever to rub in completely. I was also pleased by the refreshing smell of the product. It does have a slight beachy, sunscreen type odor, but compared to other self tanners it is very mild and covered almost completely by other scents of green tea and cucumber. I have been using the tanner for a few weeks now and it has not turned me orange :) I am always weary of turning into an oompa- loompa when using self tanners!! The effect so far has been gradual as the name of the product suggests, but I can see a difference. I have to say I am loving this product! It is giving me the tan look I long for, and provides protection from the sun all in one. I would highly recommend you trying it out!

The product I was sent is a very generous size so I am still using it, and will be sure to post an after picture when I am out. Here is the before (sorry for posting my leg, this is daring for me as I am not a huge fan of them) and in the middle of use pictures :

Before starting to use the product
After about a week of use

I apologize the pictures are facing different ways, but hope you can see some difference between them as I can in person! :)

The second product I was so graciously sent is adorable, and so handy. It is called Supergoop SPF 30 Sunstick.  What a great idea!! This little gem can easily be thrown in my purse for on the go, and gives great protection. There is good amount of product included in the sturdy packaging as well, and the user simply turns the yellow knob at the bottom when they are in need of more. No messy liquid to apply either with the sunstick so you do not have to worry about it leaking in your bag.  I have found myself reaching for this little guy many times since receiving it. I quite enjoy not having to remember to bring the bulky container of sunscreen that weighs done my purse every time I think I might be outside. The sunscreen applies well without the greasy residue most leave behind or the overwhelming scent. A must have for busy individuals frequently on the go, or with children!!

Overall, I have to give Supergoop an A+ rating. Their products are are creative, time and money saving. So far they have also proven to be highly effective giving the exact results they claim to be able to give users :) Have to love that! I truly cannot thank Supergoop enough for allowing me to test out these products!!! It is amazing to be sent full size products to test. I am extremely grateful and I will surely be purchasing more! These are only two of the many products this innovative brand carries so be sure to check out these and others at I hope you enjoy them as much as me! Please let me know if you have used anything from Supergoop before. I love hearing from you!

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