Monday, August 20, 2012

Julep September 2012 Surprises

So, this month of Julep is crazy!! I was lucky enough to win a golden box a few days ago via the Julep Nail Parlor Facebook page, AND found the September box previews early! The official previews came out today on their site/ blog and in e-mails to Mavens. Thankfully they are the same as the leaked previews I found early and wrote about in my previous post!

Julep told me upon winning my golden box I would still need to specify a style to them, as they were doing something different with golden boxes for the month of September and they are to be style specific. Very, very sneaky Julep ;) Today on my account I saw this:
Normally this would be a golden box as it is all the products for the month of September. This month however you can get your regular monthly box for the standard $19.99 and purchase the whole collection for an extra $30- so essentially buy yourself the old version of the golden box.

Somewhat sadly, the golden box this month will only have five polishes in it. From this small picture I believe it will be the five polishes featured on the Trina Turk site- Otte, Delauney, Hoch, Alma, and Gunta. It will also have a special surprise in it though! It says the box is a $108 value which means the surprise is worth $38!  Knowing Julep the surprise will probably rock. I am assuming it is a different surprise for each style profile, or they wouldn't have had me pick a style?

Since the golden box won't have the mascara that made me the lucky winner of a golden box (I guessed first on the Julep FB page that mascara would be the new product for Sept), and I have a free credit for the month of September- THANK YOU for using my referral link to sign up-, I decided to to switch from my regular American Beauty style:

I think Hoch is coming in the golden box (fingers crossed as I LOVE it, and I don't need another white- I recently got Kate)
 To the Boho Glam box since I want to try the mascara, and really want Popova!! Blue is my very favorite color so I am not sad to be getting two Guntas this month, and I had to have the mascara! I have never tried brown so I hope it will look good with my green eyes, brown hair, and dark eyelashes??

 I am very curious to see what the surprise bonus is for the Boho Glam box as with all the styles, and hope I chose a good style!! What do you think about the option to buy the whole collection this month? Do you like the smaller golden boxes? What are you getting?? I would love to hear your thoughts below :)


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you went with Boho Glam! I'm so excited to get mine, but can't believe I won't be getting it for another about 2 weeks :( That's the part that sucks about living in Canada, lol!

  2. Did you order some Trina Turk polishes? I'd love to see a review of them. :) I'm thinking of getting some but I haven't decided on the colors yet :)