Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Julep August 2012 Boho Glam Mystery Box

Julep got me once again with a mystery box promotion. This time was a little different than in the past since they gave you the option of which box style you would like to choose. In the past you just ordered a mystery box and that was that. Being as indecisive as they come, and over thinking things to the max as I always do, I had quite the time deciding whether to get a box as well as which to pick!  I, of course, ended up ordering one, and went with Boho Glam since I have never had that style before and there are a lot of BG polishes on my wishlist :)

I was SO excited when my "your Julep order is on it's way" email popped up in my inbox. To double my excitement the tracking number started with the ever popular 9434 (Mavens have found these boxes are the heavier ones sent package services, and therefore seem to contain more goodies). In the past my tracking numbers have always started with 9400, so I was thrilled to see otherwise this time!

Sadly, my box was not as big as I thought it would be due to the tracking number, but still included a good number of products! It also arrived quick as a bunny! I just ordered it a couple days ago :)

My box included:

  •  The Best Pedi Prep Ever- retail $20
  • Julep Foot File- retail $6
  • Toe separators- not sold on site
  • Alyson- Almond Cream- retail $14
  • Blake- Sunny Yellow Creme- retail $14
  • Michelle- not currently on site- retail $14
  • I Paid- $19.99
  • Total Value- $68!

Quick swatches on paper right to left: Alyson, Blake, Michelle. My nails are currently occupied with Daphne and Mila. Melanie on toes :)
 I am happy that the Pedi Prep came in my box with the file as I have been wanting to try it. I really like how the Best Pedi Creme ever leaves my feet feeling/ how it gets off all the nasty dryness. I tried this out this morning  when I got my box with the file and have mixed feeling though. The pedi prep is smelly and a lot seemed to come out! It is in a roller ball container so that is very nice, and less messy for my hands, but not for the container or my foot. It also has a strong smell- not horrible, but not good. The file worked pretty well, but seems like it could break easily if I apply too much pressure. It was very bendable if that is even a word haha. 

Blake is a lovely yellow I have wanted for some time now! She looks quite bubbly so I will have to test her out soon hmm. Michelle also looked so pretty as I love blues. I went to unwrap it however and realized it was leaking EVERYWHERE, even under the plastic wrapping! I had to do a big clean up of all the polishes (go figure the darkest one decides to leak haha). I haven't had this happen before so it was strange. I  am not sure if the bottle is broken somewhere or if it just got too hot? I even got this package right out of the mailman's hands though. He rang the doorbell because there was .45 cent postage on a letter for my sister. I paid it then found out it was something dumb from a representative running for office. Grr. Oh well, it probably saved me a bigger mess.

Alyson by the way is interesting to me. Kind of a lighter shade of Vera I got in my last mystery box. I might end up liking it, but it is not something I would buy on my own. 

All in all, besides the mess factor, and losing polish I am happy with this box. I now get to try out some products I wanted to, but were too expensive for me to buy on their own, and the beautiful Blake. I think I am done with mystery boxes, but am not upset that I decided to buy one more.

If you want to try out Julep for a penny I highly recommend the product :) You can get an intro box for a penny right now! Just take a short quiz to find out what your colors are, and switch if you do not like them (different from the mystery boxes and a nice option). To get yours go to and enter the promo code COLOR2012 at checkout. If you have any questions about Julep feel free to ask, and check out my other posts :)

Did you get a mystery box? What did you get? What do you think of mine? I would love to hear from you!!


  1. I would have been "ok" with that box because I have the pedi prep, the file and Alyson; I can't use toe separators because I have piggy toes so those would have been useless to me. I chose the It Girl box, but haven't got it yet - I only received my shipping confirmation today, so I won't likely have it until next week at the earliest.

    1. What do you think of the pedi prep?? I am with you on Alyson being iffy like you said on Facebook. I will have to try her out. I got an email from Julep today saying they are sending me a new Michelle :) Gosh they are so amazing! I am excited to try her out. My Blake is indeed bubbly. I tried it today. I asked them for some tips. Aww the toe things fit weird on me too- I think because my feet are too big haha. I hope you get yours really soon, and cannot wait to see it!! As always, thank you for reading!!

  2. I haven't got one of these mystery boxes yet but my boyfriend gets paid tomorrow so he is going to get me 2 if they aren't gone yet but I spent $100 or more on the last mystery boxes and had my hopes up to get at least one bigger box but only 5 smaller boxes so when I get these this time I am not going to have my hopes set on getting a bigger one because I am not that lucky...:) Great review hope you get your Melissa replaced since it was leaking, I feel for you that is a mess to have to clean up.

    1. Yay!! I hope you were able to get those two boxes today :) You will have to let me know on here or facebook haha! My nail polish collection has already grown a ton since I started Julep so I probably should stay away from mystery boxes from now on. They are so tempting though! I couldn't even believe it when I saw the 9434 shipping number, but now I know not to get over excited lol. Thanks so much for your comment and kind words!! I really appreciate you reading my post! Julep is sending me a new Michelle which is amazing!

  3. Hi Lauren! Great job on the blog so far! Julep as a company is really great. Their customer service is beyond amazing! I did however, choose not to get this mistery box bc i've ordered a few and have been disappointed so i didn't let myself get it. I love boho glam, i actually have those colors. Very nice!!! xoxo

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for checking my blog out some more :) I am a huge fan of yours!! So far Julep has been amazing, and I am so glad I found their company. I understand about not getting a mystery box this time. My collection is growing nicely so soon I think I will be getting a lot of dupes if I order them as well. I will have to keep my eye out for the monthly Boho Glam boxes in the future! Thanks again for your kindness- it is inspiring!!