Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Samples & Freebies!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to so a short little preview of some of the samples/ freebies/ giveaway products I have been ever so lucky enough to receive or win recently. I have tried a few of these, just received some, and am waiting on others. So, bottom line, you should see posts reviewing each one shortly. I want to make sure I really give them a good chance before putting up my two cents worth on here :) 

The first sample I recently found in the mail is Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner. It is made to help you keep your hair haha. Seriously though, I think it is absolutely gross when I get finished doing my hair and see all the strands on the sink ugh. The Fall Fight duo is designed to prevent unwanted shedding. I have tried this once, and it smells terrific, and left my hair looking nice. I will use the rest and let you know what I think! I doubt I will be able to to tell if it really works in the sample size, but it was great to get in the mail!

Suki Skincare was beyond nice enough to send me out some makeup and skin care samples!! I recently purchased their travel sized Balancing Kit off of the Birchbox site as well so will be doing a full length review on the products soon. So far, sooo good!!

In the mail a few weeks ago I also found a Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I knew you are supposed to use this product instead of Shampoo, but looked up the infomercial for more details. They want you to use 20 pumps of this stuff per side of your head! Whoa! I find that crazy, but what do I know? I tried it once using about half of this bottle. I loved its smell, and de-tangling powers! It left my hair looking great, but only for a few hours. Then it started to feel yucky, and greasy. I rinsed it out like crazy so was surprised to feel a build up on my scalp. Not sure if I used enough product I guess, but I thought using the whole bottle in one wash seemed like a huge waste?

Jilladair Flawless Complexion Gel primer is a product I should have coming in the mail soon! I was lucky enough to win it off of Your Beauty Junkie's blog!! She has a wonderful video tutorial using this product as well as others. I sure hope my skin comes out looking as amazing as hers. I will keep you posted (literally ;) ). The makeup is not only supposed to hide your complexion flaws, but is good for your skin and can be used with or without foundation as it provides that much coverage. I am stoked to find out how it works on me!!

After hearing tons of Birchbox subscribers rant about Melvita's Rose Water Floral Water spray, I emailed Melvita USA about their products. Although they were out of Rose Water samples they sent me these three samples in the mail! I am yet to try them, but have the Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water Moisturizer, Serum Balancing Fluid Moisturizer, and a Purifying Clay Mask. I have big plans for the mask tonight. I will let you know!

I almost forgot! I won these Croc Leather Capri Sandals via another amazing blogger- Stylish Housewife She hosted a twitter party along with Crocs. I somehow was one of the lucky winners they chose based on joining in the conversation! These came in the mail about a week later. They are comfy, and I actually quite like them. I used to despise the what I find to be ugly clog like Crocs people would wear, but now the company has some cute shoes on their site. I chose these because I love flip flops, they have a little heel to help with my height challenge, and the leather strap is really nice. I am all about being comfy as well. $40 shoes for free! Got to love it :) Thanks!!

 Today upon checking the mail I was pleasently surprised to find samples from Supergoop! I also recently aqcuired about their products via e-mail, and a very kind representative checked out my blog (YAY!!!) then sent me these. The package included Self Tanning Mousse which has SPF 20 in it, and a SPF 30 Sunstick! I am highly against tanning beds, and well cancer in general, so having the proper SPF on has been a concern of mine since I was little. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful mom who among countless other things, made sure I knew the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. I am getting on the pale side in a big bad way lately though, as I don't get outside as much as I used to :( I am very excited to give this sunless tanner a try, and review it for you! What amazing "samples" too. A value of $36 dollars! Wow, thank you Supergoop!!!!

Last, but certainly not least I have to tell you about what I won today!!! Those of you who have read my blog/ know me, know about my new obsession with Julep Maven! Today on their facebook page they had us guess what product they will be sending members in their September boxes. The first one to guess correctly would win a golden box for the month of September. Normally you have to chose one monthly box containing either 3 polishes, or 2 polishes and a product. Golden boxes have all the products from all five of the boxes- so usually 10 polishes and four products! Anyways, I WON!!!!!

I guessed the product would be mascara, and I was right :) On the 20th members get to see the new polish colors. I cannot wait to see what I will get, but am beyond thrilled! Mascara/ eyeliner are my favorite beauty products as well so this is a super added bonus. If you have any questions about Julep let me know, or check out my other posts! You can try it for a penny here using promo code COLOR2012 at checkout :).

I cannot believe my luck lately at all!! I am so thankful to all the companies and bloggers who have sent me samples, and hosted giveaways! It is safe to say I am addicted to receiving samples, and mail!! I would love to know if you have any of these products/ have tried them before? What did you think? Look for my reviews on them soon!! Thanks for reading :)

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