Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spoiler Alert!! Julep September 2012 Boxes

Whoa!! I am not sure how this happened?!? A couple weeks ago I saw a picture on Jane Park's (creator of Julep Maven) Facebook page. She was wearing a new Julep color featured on the Trina Turk website called Otte. I commented asking if Mavens (subscribers to Julep Maven) would see these colors in their boxes soon. She said yes we would!!

Just now I went on Google to see if anyone had put up swatches of these Trina Turk colors, and found the box previews for the month of September that usually do not come out until the 20th! Looks like September will feature the Trina Turk collection if these pictures are correct, plus more colors and brown and black mascara as the products!

Today I won a Golden Box via the Julep Nail Parlor Facebook page! I was told that Golden Boxes were based on the style of box you chose this month- that they are doing something different. Hmm. I wonder what that means?? I guess I will find out on Monday when I talk to the lady from Julep again about which style I would like :) I hope I get all these colors/ mascaras shown below!! I am extremely excited!!

So here we go, if these are correct that would be awesome! Like I said I cannot guarantee it until the official previews come out the 20th:

American Beauty is the style profile I got on my quiz when I signed up for Julep. 


What do you think of these boxes? Do you think they are too good to be true, or really the ones we will see for September?


  1. Replies
    1. :) I love your choice. I am in the need of a black Julep polish for sure! I also am obsessed with black Mascara, so cannot wait to try Juleps!

  2. I would love all of them. A golden box would be awesome, but I don't really understand what they could mean by changing them up like you said. Hmmm... You'll have to let me know.

    1. I am not sure what they could mean either. I did see that all the black mascaras say American Beauty on them, and the brown says Boho Glam. Maybe I will just get one mascara? Very curious. I will for sure let you know Jessica!! :)

  3. Nice! I really like boho glam!

  4. so these are trina turk polish colors... NEAT i cant wait i also see and add on im gonna have to pick up :D