Sunday, October 14, 2012

Influenster/ Voxbox

Hello everyone :) I am very excited for my mini post today! In a couple days I hope to do a better review of a website I first saw mentioned in a Youtube video quite a few months ago. Influenster is a site both men and women can use to look up new products out there on the market and then give their feedback. You can even ask other consumers of the products questions you may have.  What drew me in to Influenster though was the mention of FREE stuff!! (Here is the link)

That is right FREE STUFF! I signed up for an account thinking it must be too good to be true. I figured the girl on Youtube was lucky enough to get a Voxbox- more on this in a bit- because she did so many videos and the company wanted her to spread the word so they could get more business. I have since found out this really is not a scam- it is an amazing way to try new things and get your opinions out about products as well! Last week my friend who signed up at the same time as me got an e-mail saying she had qualified for the Bride-To-Be Voxbox and should be expecting it in the mail soon!

Now, what is a Voxbox you ask? A Voxbox is a box shipped to your house with lots of various products in it that you get to keep for free!! On the Influenster site there are many surveys you can take once you sign up for an account. You can earn badges by taking the surveys, and then Influenster will keep track of your answers on there and let you know if you qualify for one of their upcoming Voxboxes. There are surveys on there for everyone from people who are all about living a healthy lifestyle, moms, men, dog and cat lovers to college students, and travelers. You are sure to find something on there that applies to you in some way!

Here is a picture of what my friend received from the Influenster Facebook Page
From what I can tell there is at least one Voxbox every season, but Influenster seems to be sending out more now then they were in the beginning. My friend received a box with products such as shampoo, conditioner, fake eyelashes and beauty water in it for free! On the site there is not even a single spot for you to put your credit card information, and therefore no way for you to be charged :) All she has to do in return is fill out reviews on the products she received after trying them out!

I have even better news for you too! Influenster just re-did their entire website! I found the website hard to figure out when I first signed up, but now I really understand the "company" (I am not sure if that is what they would be called?), due to their new set up. It is much easier to figure out what you should do to move yourself closer to being chosen for a Voxbox. Influenster gives you a score based on how many surveys you have done, you influence through Youtube, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter as well as product reviews. The more points you have the better!!

I am thrilled, because just the other day I found out a Beauty Blogger Voxbox is on it's way to me!! All I had to do was follow the simple task directions on my account page, and now I have surprise products being sent to me. I cannot wait to receive them and share with you what I got in a post soon!

I will have more details about this service once my first Voxbox comes, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I believe they just changed the website to being by invitation only. I have four invitations left if any of you are interested so please let me know!! So many of you out there influence others in positive ways through social media, and I think this is a great way to be rewarded for all that you do! I will be sure to let you know when my Voxbox is here :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh fun! I enjoyed my Influenster Voxbox and can't wait to get another one. I recently was selected to receive a single product from them and it is coming in the mail soon.