Thursday, June 28, 2012


Julep Maven for a Penny!

My newest obsession :)

Hey all! I am extremely new to this whole blog deal, but trying my best! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon a wonderful company by the name of Julep Maven. Now, after picking myself up and dusting off I was hit with another surprise! You can try this 4-free high quality nail polish product for a penny!

Now, you may be saying yeah right you can't get anything for a penny these days! I thought it was all a huge scam at first as well (I have trust issues ;) ) but I got brave and it really worked!! Now, Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service.  Once you are a "Maven" you will have the opportunity to preview boxes each month from the 20th-24th. Boxes include either two polishes and a beauty product or three polishes!

This subscription is one of a kind. I also subscribe to Birchbox, but it is just not the same. With Julep you not only get a choice of the box you would like each month, but you can skip a month without completely cancelling the subscription. If you don't have the 19.99 that month for your box or are iffy about the colors, fear not, just push the skip button and you are good to go! 

Are you interested yet?? If so here is how to try out Julep for a penny!! Just use the link and enter the promo code COLOR2012. Julep will have you take a little quiz to see what your style is (which intro box you get). It takes about two minutes. Don't like the style they chose for you? Just retake the quiz, or pick a different style after you view the amazing color choices.

Here is what my penny intro box looked like :)  
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If for some reason the promo code COLOR12 doesn't work you can also use PENNYINTRO or TWITTER1 to experience beauty for a penny. Let me know if you decide to be a Maven, and as Julep would say: Shine On!


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