Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Julep Maven Mystery Box

Shortly after I gave into the fabulous subscription company Julep I found out about yet another amazing deal they offer every once in a while. A Mystery Box! Being a teacher, and therefore a forever child at heart the mystery in Mystery Box caught my attention right away!! I then read (on their facebook site Julep Nail Parlor which I suggest all of you like pronto) that a Mystery Box sells for 19.99 and you receive at least 40 dollars of product, but up to 200 dollars worth. Oh Julep, you really know how to win a girl over!! 

Now, let me tell you that after signing up for Julep for a penny I had every intention of canceling the subscription. I got the product in the mail however, put it on my nails and well, I am currently hooked. I am hard on my hands and usually don't even bother painting my nails. They always chip right away and it drives me crazy if they are all not perfect. Literally all the sudden I get OCD and NEED nail polish remover or I can't function. I sure did get my pennies worth out of Julep though! My mani didn't chip for two weeks and I even went swimming!

So, needless to say I didn't cancel my subscription and eagerly ordered a mystery box with my fingers and toes and legs and arms crossed tightly wishing and hoping for 200 dollars worth of product. My mystery box got here even quicker than my intro box. I got over 60 dollars worth of product :)

I was lucky enough to get two toe separators, three polishes (Vera, Natalie, and Molly- a deep red not pictured), a Nail Therapy Basecoat and a chap stick that literally smells and tastes like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with SPF in my lovely little box! I saw Vera which is pictured below and though ewwwww! A brown nail polish?? Then I tried it on and it's actually a nice warm coffee color. I actually liked it and was so surprised! It looks very nice with my bright pink shade Natalie! I guess I shouldn't judge a polish by it's bottle haha.

Remember you can try Julep for a penny!!  Just use the link and enter the promo code COLOR2012, or PENNYINTRO or TWITTER1 :)

The contents of my Mystery Box :)

Here is a blurry (sorry) first attempt at some polka dot nail art with Julep colors Vera (brown) and Natalie



My July box was just shipped yesterday!! This month Julep is throwing in an extra polish for free to all Mavens! You either get America the Beautiful which is a red and blue glitter with stars or Oh Canada which is a lovely red and white glitter- pretty nifty eh?  I am usually an American Beauty, but loved the IT GIRL box with three polishes this month because of Daphne- a creamy seafoam blue color! I will post as soon as the box is in my hot little hands! 


  1. I found you through your Facebook post on Julep's site. Julep converted me into a polish addict too. I never painted my nails before and now I am constantly painting them. My color that I thought I wouldn't like, but now love is Susie, a minty green.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jessica!! I am glad you found me on there and took the time to read my post :) It is true I am absolutely addicted to Julep now. I will have to look up Susie!