Monday, July 15, 2013

Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste

Hi All! 
It has been quite a while since I have been on here. As you all know, life happens :) I have been busy with lots of various things, but one has been wedding planning! A few weeks ago I qualified for the Something Blue, Bride to be Voxbox from the brand Influenster! If you have never heard of Influenster before it is a website where you can go and share your opinions about products. You take surveys, earn badges and build up your score. At least once a month Influenster sends out what they call Voxboxes to members who qualify. A Voxbox is a box full of free products! All Influenster wants in return is for you to spread the word about what you thought of the products!! For more info on Influenster check out the site- Influenster and/ or my previous post-
I have a few invites left so if you're interested in getting an account just let me know!

My Something Blue Voxbox!

Now, on to the real reason for this post! In my Something Blue Voxbox I received a product that I really like! It is called Luster Now! Instant Whitening Toothpaste. Now, I know what you are thinking and assure you I was thinking it too...Instant Whitening, ha, not likely! I am a daily tea drinker, and ever since I got my braces off in high school I have had stains on my teeth that bother me. I have used many whitening toothpastes and even whitening strips. While my teeth aren't awful I have never found a product that truly amazes me with it's white as snow teeth brightening abilities. For this product I thought let's give it a shot, and I crossed my fingers tightly!

This product pleasantly surprised me! I actually had my sister take before and after photos of my teeth so we could see if it really lived up to the hype. I found this product to taste good (it's described as having a Happy Mint Flavor, which I found to be adorable!!), and that it left my mouth feeling extremely clean, and my breathe with a fresh scent. I will tell you it has a strong mint taste, and that the product is blue. I know that some people cannot stand the taste of mint, if so this product sadly would not be for you. I also saw some reviews saying it took them a long time to get the blue off of their teeth? I am not sure how these people were rinsing, but I haven't had that problem.

 You can buy this product on the Luster website for $7.99. I haven't seen it in other stores, but am on the lookout, because I would love to pick it up at a drugstore! Have any of you used Luster products? Did you receive the Something Blue Voxbox? I would love to hear your thoughts, and comments below! Thanks!!
Luster Premium White Website


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