Sunday, July 8, 2012

Julep July American Beauty

Those of you who are familiar with the Julep Maven program know that each month you get one box of nail products in the mail. You have from the 20th-24th to decide if you want to keep the style of box you get as result of the quiz when you signed up for the program, switch to a different style or skip the month. Even though I decided to switch from my original American Beauty style for my July Julep box to It Girl this month, once I saw other bloggers swatches and reviews I just had to order this box as well! I was excited that in the Maven Boutique I could choose a box with Oh Canada in it (being from the USA I received the sparkling America in my It Girl Box). I also really wanted to try out the new lip gloss which retails for $18. Since my entire box only cost me $19.99 getting such a pricey item inside seemed to justify the purchase ;).

If you would like to try out Julep simply click here:, take a short quiz, enter the promo code COLOR2012 at checkout, and you can get an intro box for a penny!! Yupp, only a penny! If you are interested in more details about Julep feel free to comment below, or refer to my Julep Intro Box post :)

My American Beauty box included:
Yikes, sorry for the glare off the caps!!

Up top: Peony lip vernis Left to right: Oh Canada, Yumi, Lynn
Peony- a light pink/nude lip gloss
Oh Canada- a red and translucent glitter polish
 Lynn- a pink shimmery nude polish
Yumi- a pink and silver glitter polish

I decided to take off the America polish today, and try out Lynn and Yumi with the french tip manicure Julep suggested on the card included in the box.  I would like to show you what I think look like princess nails!!! :)

 Lynn went on very light in color, and I used two generous coats to get this deeper pale pink color.  I did my best with the tips...I am still a newbie so bare with me please :) Yumi applied nicely and is so gorgeous. I love the way these two colors go together. I really feel like a pretty, pretty princess!

I am yet to try out Oh Canada, but so excited to have the chance to own it. As I mentioned in my last post I have a strong love for Canada. 

As for my Peony lip gloss...I sadly cannot say that I love it. The tube is nice, and lightweight making it easy to throw into your purse.  That is the plus side. The tube makes quite the loud suction sound when you pull the wand out to apply the gloss.  It is a milky extremely light pink color that, despite other reviews I have seen, I find to be sticky. It is a pretty shade and smells like delicious cupcakes, but is not quite what I was expecting for an $18 product from my beloved Julep. I still am happy I got to try out the lip gloss for a much cheaper price than if I got curious about it and bought it from the site on my own.

Overall, I am happy I ordered the American Beauty box. The colors are just so pretty, and nice additions to my little collection.

Now for some randomness:
The other day my sister was nice enough to let me give her a manicure with my add-on colors for the month Frieda and Chelsea as the accent nail!!
She even modeled it for me :)
We were pleased with how it turned out, and decided these mani reminded us of Barbie, in the best way possible :) The polish is still holding up nicely with no chips and it is three days later- gotta love that!

I also purchased a Salon Express nail stamp/ plates kit today. I have been wanting to try out nail stamping so badly, and though this kit is small I am excited to try out all the designs. Here is my first attempt on my toe (sorry my nails were already occupied). I love the way it turned out, how easy it was to use and will be posting more about the soon, so keep a look out!!
Zebra stamp done with Julep Natalie. On my other toe I have Julep Mila. The yellow is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Mellow Yellow.

I also tried out the glitter ombre effect using two coats of Julep Kate as my basecoat (over top of Julep Nail Therapy), then layering Julep's Mila, Chelsea, and Yumi and Seche Vite Fast Drying topcoat which I just purchased and loveeee :) The first picture is taken with no flash, and the second with a flash.

Soooo sparkly and pretty :) They catch the light from every direction. It should be interesting trying to remove this pedicure however...I will let you know how that goes haha.


  1. I have the same manicure using Lynn and Yumi right now. My husband helped paint my tips. ;)

  2. I love the American Beauty box - that's what I went with for July :) I have on just 2 coats of Yumi on all 10 nails, I love the sparkle in it.. it might be interesting to see how it comes off, even with the tinfoil method :D
    Look for my post tonight, I will be posting about my box too (only got my box in the mail yesterday) :D

    1. Yikes, that was a long wait!! My America polish all came off in one big flake if I pressed the edge- probably horrible for my nails, but much easier than soaking them. Maybe Yumi will come off easily too?? I am looking forward to your post :)

  3. I love your nail colors, they're very cool!

    Please check out my blog, if you like follow & i'll follow back!

    1. Thanks so much!! I was excited to get this polish. I absolutely love your gorgeous styles :) I am now following you!

  4. what a cute french! I definitely have to get my hands on yummi and lynn plus i really like the names hahaha

  5. Love this post Lauren! Your pictures are already so much better, and I really like the Lynn and Yumi french mani, it is so pretty and girly. Good Stuff!