Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Julep Parker, Robin, Courteney & Daisy!

My Julep Maven July monthly box came a few weeks ago, and inside was an exciting little coupon good for a FREE polish :) I immediately had to go into the Maven boutique and order Parker which is described as a golden tangerine creme.
Parker- golden tangerine creme
 I have had my eye on Parker since I joined Julep. Parker happens to be my incredible boyfriend's last name, which first attracted me to the polish itself. Now, I know that a lot of girls claim to have the best boyfriend ever, but sorry to break it to you ladies, I have been blessed with the greatest guy out there. He is selfless, and even puts up with my new found nail polish addiction. He keeps telling me I will need a walk-in nail polish closet one day...haha, now that is a tad bit extreme, but the truth is I know if I did need one (and they existed) he would make sure we had one lol. The color of Parker also reminds me of one of my alma maters color's. This makes me even happier since I was lucky enough to meet my boyfriend while we were in college.  I could seriously rant about the love of my life for years, but I guess I will show you how the polish looks on my nails now...

Top two pictures with flash, bottom without flash
 My boyfriend's idea :) Tips done with Julep Kate (Parker is darker in real life like in previous pictures)
 I was so happy when Parker came in the mail :) When applying it I found that it does take quite a few coats to make it opaque. I used three heavy coats on my nails to build it up to this bright orange color. With one coat the color was extremely pale and I could see my nails right through it. I am very happy with the color once layered, however, I wish the polish were thicker so I did not have to use so much of it for one application.

I have also purchased/ received a few other Julep products recently. Here they are:

Robin on nails- a little darker in real life (this is with no flash). A true Robin's egg blue that only took one coat :)
Other than using my voucher to receive Parker for free, I also bought Courteney, Daisy and the Best Pedi Creme Ever for $14.99 in a "Beat the Heat flash sale" Julep had a week ago. Julep sent me a complementary bottle of Robin when I e-mailed them about Daphne (which I received in my July box) being much darker than I expected- talk about amazing customer service!!! I am so excited to now have these "summer bright" colors which I missed out on in June having not joined until the end of the month. It was also a nice surprise to find small samples of Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub with my Robin box, and Courteney/ Daisy box. I do not have this product in the full size, but have heard great things about how smooth it makes your hands, so I will let you know how I like it soon!

From right to left: 

Parker- golden tangerine creme

Robin- robin's egg blue creme

Courteney- key-lime green creme

 Daisy- bright lemon yellow creme

As you can see I have only used Parker so far out of these four, but I thin the colors are all very pretty, and I will be sure to post once I do try them on :)

The Best Pedi Creme Ever! 

I had a bottle of this that was running out from my intro box. I get really g-ross cracked heels in the winter, and have used a ton of different foot creams to try and fix them. The lotions I have used always feel good initially and make them a bit softer, but do not get rid of all of that nasty dried skin. I have not used other products labeled as pedi creams before, so cannot vogue for this being the best pedi creme ever, haha, but it really has helped get that unwanted skin/ roughness off of my feet. The bottle is quite small, so I was excited to get another one in the Beat the Heat sale, and that Julep included a small packet of it with my Parker nail polish. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants softer feet.

If you are interested in trying Julep you can get an intro box for a penny right now :) Just use the link  http://julep.com/?r=21739311 and enter the promo code COLOR2012. Julep will have you take a little quiz to see what your style is (which intro box you get). It takes about two minutes. Don't like the style they chose for you? Just retake the quiz, or pick a different style after you view the amazing color choices. If you have any questions about Julep feel free to comment below or check out my previous Julep posts! My Intro Box I purchased for a penny is shown in the link here :)

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