Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Curious about these? Read on!

A few months ago I discovered beautiful patterned sticker looking things from Sally Hansen. After searching the internet I found out that they were not stickers at all, but something much more glorious- actual nail polish in a strip form you put on your nail like a sticker!! Obviously I was instantly intrigued, and decided to buy these little guys in mass quantities! Even though they were pricey (the cheapest I found was about 8.50 on sale) I wanted every pattern. For someone as indecisive as me picking a pattern is rough!! 

Here are some, sadly not all, of my pattern choices within a few months:
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the pattern Are You Single? from the Valentine's Day Collection
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the pattern I Love Lacey
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the pattern Mad for Plaid from the Easter collection

Overall, my opinion is these strips are way more fun than they are practical for the cost.  They take a while to apply and sometimes get torn on application/ are too big for your nail bed and rip when you try to take off the excess around nail or at end of the nail. Once I got the hang of putting them on I could get two nails out of one strip which made me feel a bit better about the price. When I used a top coat they stayed on for around a week without a ton of damage for me. However, my entire strip tended to fall all the way off rather than just "chipping" as normal nail polish does, so that presents it's own issue depending on if you have extras handy when it happens.

I also found that if you put them on your toes (yes, I have seen the new ones that are specifically for your toes, but the finger ones work just as well) they stay on much better/ longer! I also discovered that at Rue 21 you can get the same product for around $3 (my zebra pack even had 21 strips as opposed to Sally's 16). The Rue 21 ones do not seem to be of the same quality however, and did not stay on my fingers well at all.They did last well on my toeies however. Yes, I said toeies ;). Now, pardon the picture of my foot (I highly dislike feet myself), but I LOVE zebra print!

Rue 21 Zebra Print Nail Polish Strips

 These little creations are fun, I will not lie, and there are sooo many fun patterns to chose from. All in all, if you are willing to spend around $10 I would give the Sally Hansen ones a try, or $3 for the Rue 21 strips if you want to give yourself a fun pedicure. It can be quite costly if you get hooked like I did for a while, sigh haha. However, if you find a good sale (Let me know! I mean...), or just want to try something new these are for sure fun for a short lived pattern on nails :)


  1. I have wanted to try these for a while too, but I really can't justify spending $8.99 + tax on ONE manicure when I can get a whole bottle of polish for the same amount and get more manicures out of it :(

    1. Yeah, I splurged for a while with them then realized it wasn't so practical lol. Cheaper than getting them done, and color than anything I could do, but they for sure need to be cheaper!!

  2. definitely wanna try the toe ones...

  3. the most I've paid for these strips (have 6) was $5. I see plenty of these on clearance and buy them up. And lately some stores have been having sales. Like, buy one and get $5 back. I use coupons and pay next to nothing and use my $5 back to buy more and get another $5 back. lol